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Still under a year since I’ve started smoking and enjoying bbq. I’m loving the journey of trialling new things, meeting new people when competing and of course eating the final product!! From starting on a kettle bbq to moving into a ProQ bullet, getting to play with an SC Smokers offset ( one of the best built bbqs in melbourne ) and now working with a Green Mountain Grills pellet smoker.

I’ve put together some of my recent bbq foods and smokes together to hopefully drool over 😉

Beef Brisket

A classic in the Melbourne BBQ scene and just BBQ in general. I love brisket, people think it’s overrated. Maybe they are not doing it right? Who knows. It does take time unless you own a gateway drum. This one was run in the Green Mountain Grill at 250F, spritzing when looking dry. I ended up wrapping this around 170F internal which was around 4 and a bit hours. Wrapped and then taken til probing without resistance. Rubs that were used were Big Moes Beef & Kosmos Q Honey Hog.

Hot And Fast Skirt Steak Tacos

Looking for a quick lunch? Then try these skirt steak tacos. Hit up your local butcher in Melbourne or afar and grab a skirt steak. You can either marinate them for a while or just season with your favourite rub. Then get your grilling surface of choice nice and hot and grill fast till your desired internal. I am for usually around 135F and then rest under foil and it should rise a little bit. Add you taco fillings and your set.

Lamb Spare Ribs

I picked these up with never doing these before. Wasn’t sure what i was going to expect. Rubbed them with 4 monkeys bbq lamb rub and some extra rosemary and then into the Green Mountain Grill at 275F for around an hour till the fat has rendered a little and the meat is tender. Chucked into a cambro container and sauced up. Simple tasty snacks that i’ll do again.

Chicken Ribs

Chicken ribs are highly underrated in my opinion! Like all chicken wings, they can handle a hot temp. Get these going at over 350f with your favourite rub. I used Big Moes chicken rub on these and then chucked into a cambro container and sauced with a combo of Lanes BBQ legged chicken and rib candy. Giving them a sticky, sweet and a little bit of kick. Perfect for Melbourne’s cold weather.

Smoked Hotdogs

These were a creation for Kelly’s amateur comp. A crazy little combo that needed a better sauce. But i did love the use of garlic bread as buns and then smoked the hotdog in the SC Chubby. Topped with an average sauce that didn’t work and tasty pork bulgogi. A combo that can be great with tweaks.

Meat Donuts

Another left field idea that didn’t quite hit the mark in a BBQ Comp. That’s what it’s all about though. Learning and taking notes. People loved these and others hated them. A sweet dough filled with chili and fried and then covered in a donut glaze to act like cheese. Ah good times.

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