Yomg Experience

Friday night rolled around, so we decided to hit up a local that is fast becoming our classic go to. Yomg out in the glen has everything covered and just keep growing. Dj pumping out the tunes whilst you devour your eats and don’t forget to finish it all off with the Froyo bar out back. They have also redone the menu with some of the classic specials that everyone loved now added, so now there is something for everyone!!

Food Devoured

Special of the week – The Presley modified

Triple beef, Triple Cheese, Double Bacon, Pulled Pork, Peanut Butter, Jam, Jalapenos, Basil Mayo, on a new black bun.

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Shang Fry

Pulled pork, Crispy shallot, Toasted sesame, Basil Mayo, Chilli, Spring Onion


Devouring Experience

First up, the black bun. Don’t jump to the usual conclusion where the black bun is hard like the usual or over dense. This was soft and tasty, hand made everyday is the difference. Beef was cooked perfectly, juicy and had a nice beef flavour and a shimmer of pink through the middle. This pulled pork is amazing, love it every time and as a great addition to chips and burgers. The peanut butter definitely added a different element to the experience and do recommend that you add a mayo to it to balance. Talking of mayo, we could not get enough of the basil mayo!! if you like basil it is a must.

Everything was done well, the oreo shake (not pictured) is very good. Chips nailed, burgers on point and the froyo just to round the experience off. 9.7/10


65-67 Kingsway, Glen Waverley