Top Bun Burgers Experience

We got word of a new venue that popped up out in our neck of the woods. Top Bun Burgers have only been open maybe 8 weeks now. The menu is only beef burgers at this stage of their life but also have a range of sides and milkshakes to pair with your burger. A very nice clean cut shop, looking forward to seeing what the guys can do in the future.

Food Devoured

Triple cheeseburger with bacon & jalapenos

Top Bun Burgers

Burger Grip

Top Bun Burger Grip

Devouring Report

Some teething issues are there, just more so in the presentation of things. The burger was saucy as, leading to some movement in the basket with things. A quick fix of some bamboo skewers will solve that. The actual burger was good though, I was a little worried with how long the beef was on the grill but after snapping some photos, the quality of the beef showed with it still juicy and melted in your mouth with each bite. Paired with the cheese they use, this was a great cheesy beefy eat. The pickles were nothing to really write home about but the sauces were fine and a plenty! In the early days of things but these guys have a lot of potential. 8.6/10


Shop 12/434 Maroondah Highway, Croydon