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Tommy Ruffs Fish Bar Experience

It had been a while since we last visited Tommy Ruffs fish bar. Last time we were there we created a burger for their menu and had some amazing fresh seafood! Fast forward some time, they opened up their third store in Windsor. This store may not look like much from the front but it really goes back and seats a huge amount! As usual, the staff were friendly and they suggested many items to get as well as the talented chef Alistair coming out to showcase and explain their special of the day – the trout.

Food Devoured


Tommy Ruffs Fish 1


Tommy Ruffs Fish 2

The Trout

Tommy Ruffs Fish 3

Devouring Report

Did we also mention they do their own drinks? A strawberry cider? Yes! Very tasty and went down perfectly along with a spiced rum, arghhhh.
We didn’t opt to get it in parts, just bring it all out at once!! A couple of entrees we got were the prawn tacos and southern fried fish. The prawns were fresh and deliious. Now the southern fried fish was different but in a good way. The coating was thick and crisp with a heavy southern flavour coming through and as usual, the fish was moist and fresh. Our favourites were the tacos to start on though!
Onto some of the mains, the fish was crumbed nice and like all their produce fresh. Same with the calamari but it did lack a little of something. Add some sauce over the grilled and your set. Both the salads are great as we always have loved the pomegranate salad the most! Chef insisted we tried the trout and we are glad we did. Not only beautifully presented but cooked to perfection and the soba noodles it rested on were amazing leaving this our favourite dish of the day!!


 121 Chapel St, Windsor VIC 3181

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