Three one 2 one Burger

Three One 2 One Experience

It had been a while since we had the pleasure of dining at Three one 2 one. So Sunday we went in and had a far crack at it! Things have changed since we last went, we first came here when this place was unknown and mainly a café, with a great burger. Now its a burger destination that all must try and you can still get your brunch needs too. They have come so far with building the shop and its great to see!

Food Devoured

Neverland Shake

Three one 2 one neverland shake

Wake Me Up Shake

Three one 2 one shake

Kick Ass Mac n Cheese + Chicken

Three one 2 one mac n cheese

The Ghetto V2 + Patty, Mac n Cheese & Onion Rings

Three one 2 one Burger

Devouring Report

Now we learnt a life hack by some people sitting near us, but it was too late for us to try it. Order your shakes after your burgers! Really, why have not we thought of that? But onto the shakes, yes they do take a little to come out but boy its worth it to see these things in from of you. All presented well and tasted amazing! Another improvement from last time.

When your at 3121 something just takes you over haha. The ghetto was the first burger we ever had from here and it was time to take it next level. There was a V2 on the menu from Burgers Of Melbourne, but then we went boom! The mac n cheese was creamy, tasty and everywhere!!! The beef was good as usual, cooked well but juicy as! Great consistency throughout the burger from start to finish. The onion rings where not just there for looks, they provided a great crunch and contrast to the rest of the burger.

Another great experience at 3121! It pumps on the weekend so put some time aside, prepare your self and get into it!! May be work booking if your going on the weekend.


424 Bridge road, Richmond 3121

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