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Three Monkeys Experience

We were invited down to check out a local near us in Three Monkeys Place situated in Doncaster. Don’t be fooled from their small shop front, it stretches back to a great courtyard undercover. From a great fresh menu and venue, put this on your list for the best café in Doncaster! As you will see soon, the images talk for themselves!

Food Devoured

Hot Chocolate

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Breakfast Burger

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Sweet MonkeyThree Monkys Place 2

Devouring Report

 As usual one of the team enjoyed a long mac, which was nice. Good quality coffee and was made okay. The hot chocolate was nice and the art made it pop, but tasted as it should.
The sweet monkey was presented beautifully, their most photo’d dish! Fried roti pancakes are something defiantly different. They were nice but quite hard to eat and cut. As you can see there is quite a bit of banana on this dish, it adds to it well but there was quite a bit leftover. The cookie crumble was yum and the sauces and fresh fruits worked so well with the mascarpone!! Overall it was a nice dish, next time I think we would try the French toast as well!!
The breakfast burger was also presented well, with a nice sunny side up egg glowing inside a soft bun. You can’t really go wrong with the combo of bacon egg and cheese!! All balanced out with a fresh mayo, lettuce and tomato.
We also tried the sunny side up pressed juice, they were nice and not packed with any junk!! If you not a big fan of turmeric you may not enjoy this.


2 Jackson Ct Doncaster East

Three Monkey Place Web Page