The Peddler Cafe Experience

On our way through some of the back streets out east, feeling peckish we spotted a café on the corner and jumped into the peddler cafe. A nice little venue with some seating around outside and plenty inside as well. They menu is breaky and lunch with an array of cookies and sweets to take away.

Food Devoured

Schnitzel burger W/ Pulled pork & bacon

Peddler Burger

Burger griping – I think I can fly haha


Devouring Report

Loved the change up of something from beef, but could not help ourselves to throw on some bacon and pulled pork. Snitty was crispy and crunchy. The coating packed good flavour and seasoning. Bacon was cooked good well and was delicious, and same with the pulled pork. Could of maybe used more but that’s maybe cos we fatties haha. The freshness of the slaw was well welcomed rounding it off with all the sauces as well. No real complaints, a solid eat. Will have to go back to get amounst the rest of the menu.


295B Springfield Road Nunawading