Sonny's Fried Chicken & Burgers

Sonny’s Fried Chicken Experience

Not too old now is Sonny’s Fried Chicken & Burgers in Carlton. For a while now they have been doing their own pop ups here and there throughout Melbourne’s food scene. But now they have nestled themselves into their own venue the curtain and are pumping out tonnes of fried chicken, burgers, loaded fries and of course beer!! Live music, friends and boss food. You’re in for a treat when visiting Sonny’s Fried Chicken & Burgers!

Food Devoured

 Double Cheeseburger

Sonny's Fried Chicken & Burgers

Fried Chicken

Sonny's Fried Chicken & Burgers 1

Devouring Report

 The smell that comes with the food is amazing!! The coating on the fried chicken is something else. It’s flavoursome and crunchy. They nail that as they should being a fried chicken place. Another good starter is the deep fried pickles, crisp, succulents, plenty of pickle and a nice sauce. Good with a tap beer too.
But what comes as more of a surprise was the double cheeseburger. As you can see it looks amazing and it also goes down a treat! The beef is tasty and cooked juicy with a slight hint of pink. The raw onion is as it should be and the cheese melted perfectly over each pattie. The buns are soft and pillowy but another big winner is the sauce that is in the burger! Amazing, will be back to try the beef and chicken combo in a burger!!


29 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053

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