Snow Pony Experience

Out east in Balwyn comes Snow Pony, a thriving café venue which is deceiving from walking in, as it stretchs out back with ample seating in a hall like courtyard. A nice breakfast and lunch menu supported by some quality coffee.

Food Devoured

The Pony Burger + Chicken Strips


Smashed Avo On Toast


Devouring Report

The beef was quite nice coming from a café, cooked well but held its flavour and had a slight char that I enjoyed. Bacon was delicious and ample along with the chicken strips providing the crunch. The bun was very structurally sound and the taste was on point. I couldn’t get enough of the tomato relish, could even use more along with some more mayo too. Cheese wasn’t a highlight but being a café its more the healthier type but everything else made up for it. 8.6/10

The avocado was plentiful, they don’t cut you short on this!! It was very tasty and had a good texture to it. The toast was delicious under it, and the side of bacon that is not pictured was cooked on point.


95 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn