Royal Stacks Experience

We had not been to Royal Stacks since its opening in the CBD. Since then, they have opened another Royal Stacks venue in Brunswick. Seeing we had already been to the CBD, we thought we would check out Brunny.  It was hard to gauge how things really were the first time around, this gave us a better opportunity to get a feel for the product. This new venue is nice, open and fresh, they have done the best what then can with the space.

Food Devoured

Triple Stack with Mac Crochet & Jalapenos


The King on top


The Spread – Cheesy gems, shakes, chips and of course burgers!


Devouring Report

We will start of with a small issue. They have to not pre make their shakes so far ahead of the burgers. Our shakes were separated and made them non enjoyable to drink. The potato gems were yum and the cheesy sauce is great, pro tip don’t let it go cold! The chips are nothing special though, pretty much just maccas ones. Though the real stars of the experience is the burgers!!

The King has a mac and cheese crochet already in place, it is a great touch and addition to any burger. Nicely formed and not over powering at all! The triple, o my! Just what the doc ordered. This was a great injection of beef and cheese to the body. Firstly the tomato got the flick. The beef was cooked well but still was juicy and had the true meaty taste. As you can see the cheese has been melted perfectly everywhere! A great burger overall, with adding jalapenos a defiant winner, and a mac n cheese crochet too!


800 Sydney Road, Brunswick.