Rockwell & Sons Experience

Over the weekend we took some friends to Rockwell and Sons for a feed and to check out the go to burger that has had some much said about it. The double patty smash is the go to in this small to medium trendy venue in Collingwood.

Food Devoured

Triple patty smash with bacon.

Triple beef, Double bacon, Kraft, Special sauce. $22, they automatically add bacon to the extra pattie without notice and charge.

Fried Chicken Sandwich

Chicken, Buttermilk dressing, Iceberg, Hot Sauce

Devouring Report

The beef burger was soft and saucy, the pillowly buns cushioned the beef nicely but was very buttery/oily. The main star was definitely the beef, it was juicy and delicious and special sauce was subtle but had a nice flavour. Though the bacon was terrible. It was cooked past a point like it has been there too long and or was dehydrated. It had no flavour whatsoever and for $6 of bacon i was disappointed. It could use the addition of some pickles or jalapeños would add to the combo but bacon dropped the ball big time. 7.9/10

The Chicken burger was nicely done, such a simple eat but that chicken was punching a lot of flavour and was juicy inside. The hot sauce packed a small kick just to keep you on edge while devouring it. 8.4/10


288 Smith Street, Collingwood