One Plus Piece Café Experience

Out east there a unique cafe serving up some quality eats. We went into One Plus Piece Café not knowing much, and  was wowed. The pirate anime theme and the Japanese influenced flavours and décor are something to take in. One Plus Piece has a diverse all day menu, with a solid burger menu leaving you open for choices. They recently launched burger nights, so you get your evening fix after a hard day. They’ve also just installed a soft serve machine to satisfy all your sweet needs.

Food Devoured

The One Piece with extras

Double chilli beef, Added Japanese fried chicken, Double Bacon, Double cheese, Caramelized onion, Lettuce, One piece sauce, Added Japanese mayo.


Coffee – Very Good

Devouring Report

For being a triple meat burger, this wasn’t overly tall or heavy. Halfway through, I forgot that it came with the chili beef patties, and found that they do pack a nice hit and were very juicy. I didn’t hesitate to add the Japanese chicken. The coating was amazing and packed a great crunch. The thigh meat chicken was quite succulent. I couldn’t have been happier with the Japanese mayo and the One Piece Sauce, a killer combo that set things off along with the perfectly melted cheese. One Plus Piece’s bacon was game on point; it could not have been cooked better and was a nicely cut. The burger was topped off with a tasty and structurally sound bun. 9.1/10


266 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn