Mr Peebles Burger

Mr Peebles Experience

At Damoforce we have not seen much from the guys out at Mr Peebles in Ivanhoe, but had seen they have a neat little burger menu and a cute café as well. This time around only one of the team went down for some solo burgers to feel the venue. Great warming staff and venue and a great blend of coffee making in some of the best Melbourne coffee around we think. The burgers well you just have to read on to find out.

Food Devoured

Double Mr Peebles with Mac n cheese

Mr Peebles Burger

Burger gripping!!

Mr Peebles Cafe

Devouring Report

The mac n cheese was crispy on the outside and soft and cheesy on the inner. Beef is quite soft and just melts away in your mouth. The pickles are huge! Tastes amazing too! Only really downside was the lettuce on the bottom was moist with dressing and that made the bottom a little the same. Nevertheless it’s a good feed and worth getting out to with many options to try. Waffles and chicken look amazing!!


54 Lower Heidleberg Road, Ivanhoe

Mr Peebles Website