Merrywell – Crown Casino Experience

We were treated to a burger day to remember in at the Merrywell down by the yarra. Burgers were the order of the day and miggling with other burger and food lovers whilst devouring our eats. Top job by the team to put on the spread and their new menu is looking tops from some help of some local burger devourers. The venue its self is massive with giving you 2 dining options. Formally known for being no.1 they have revamped this to have a crack at the title again!

Food Devoured

The creation W/ smoked rib eye


Triple KISS with bacon

Crown Merrywell Cheeseburger

2 beast of burgers from Hulksmashfood


Loaded fries

Crown Merrywell fries

Devouring Report

So much has changed with the new menu from the guys! The buns are the start, they are a much needed upgrade and were dayum fine. The meat is a top product and is cooked well but still very juicy. You can never go wrong with the American cheese. Bacon is cooked crispy as and that is our thing and loved it!!! The chicken in the burger was ok, nothing to crown about but unusually the pop corn chicken we have was great!

Overall they have stayed at the same level for so long, but now they have revamped them selves with new menu items and some slight ingredients tweaks. Defiantly worth having at look at these guys for a good ol feast!!


8 Southbank Blvd Melbourne