Mad patties

Melbourne Best Burgers 2017 First Quarter

Melbourne has many great eats and finding Melbourne Best Burgers are always fun!! We are into April now and through the first quarter of the year. We thought we would put together a light list of Melbournes best burgers of where we have been and what has impressed us! Enjoy, let us know any feedback of places to try.

Rons Handburgers


Rons Handburger

Like last time, the beef and cheese from rons.handburger is orgazmic to say the least!! Lightly toasted bun perfectly holding the goods with the sauces being plentiful and fresh and flavoursome. The chicken has a nice light crunch that added to the burger experience

Charcoal Pit Burgers


Charcoal Pit Burgers

This was the cheeseburger royal, with added pulled pork, candy bacon & jalapeños. Wow! The pulled pork and candy bacon – so much flavour. The beef was cook well and are well sized at 150g. The buns were nice and held everything well. The only thing we may change is the jack cheddar but still was nice.




The beef was the biggest issue and this time it was cooked well but ever juicy and the cheese melt amazing, they lifted. Tried to keep it simple, added some grilled chicken to be healthy and was succulent. Loving the pickles they use. The bun is nice, can be overwhelming and beware at your own peril if you load up.

Mad Patties


Mad patties

We’ve previously had @madpatties before but we dropped back in to see how things have tracked. Double madness with fried chicken! Looks beautiful and tastes so. The chicken has improved on last time, the beef and cheese combo was good, the melt ? Something about the lettuce on top we like for a change.

New School Canteen 


new school canteen

We held back a little with this double cheesy but added a deep fried cheddar croquette n jalapeños. The beef was pink, even after a few snaps and was a great quality! The jalapeños fresh af. The cheese as you can see melted and went down well. The fried cheddar croquettes were coated brilliantly. The bun held together nicely and all burgers were saucy and well received!

Boss Burger Co


boss burger co 4

As like last time, total love!! Double beef, cheese – melt was perfection. Fried chicken is outta this world!! Tried 2 different croquettes, pure mac n cheese was the favourite over the pulled pork. The guys also have a strong side game adding smoked meats since last time.

Dribbles Burgers


Dribbles Burgers 4

Last time we went to dribbles burgers we were impressed with the chicken but the beef needed some work. So we loaded up with a triple to see the verdict! And it’s up!! More flavour, quite juicy no pink though. Sauces are great, might have to add that cheese sauce from the loaded chips to a burger



burgerled burgers

Straight to the point – it was good!!! The beef was pink, the panko chicken the best we have had in the many visits. The hero item was the lasagne croquettes which were great, we thought it would be better as one. Their sauces are always on point. And not like last time ( Knox store was stale ) the bun was great!

Nostimo & Co


nostimo & co

Nice solid menu!! Plenty of burger options, pimped fries and tasty Nostimo shakes! This was a simple cheesy with added fried chicken. The fried chicken was great! The coating was amazing and so juicy. Beef a nice quality will need double cheese next time!! Very solid burger and worth hitting!!