Mammy’s Boy Experience

The sun was out on a fine Melbourne day, so we headed down toward the beach and had a feed at Mammy’s Boy. Mammy’s Boy is a traditional fish and chip shop located just behind the iconic Luna Park in St Kilda. It was buzzing on the streets, so I took the first chance I had to grab a table. A nice range of burgers are available, and around seven chip variations leave you procrastinating about making a decision. Mammy’s was home to some of the most friendly staff I have come across.

Food Devoured

 “The Milf” with extras

Double beef, Fried chicken, Double bacon, Double cheddar cheese, Jalapeños, Red onions, Mammys sauce ,Taco sauce.

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Chips Gravy & Cheese

Devouring Report

We didn’t have to wait too long for this beauty to appear. It was one large burger with a solid and structurally sound bun nursing the juicy beef and chicken nicely to the end. The beef had that traditional flavour, and when blended with the melted cheese it was a classic combo that couldn’t be beaten. The chicken was huge and the coating was spot on; you don’t get a piece like this at many places. And Mammy’s sauce, not sure what it was but damn it was good. The combo of taco sauce and jalapeños rounded the flavours out and gave it a nice zing. 9.4/10

The chips and gravy were quite tasty, loving the toppings, but the actual chips seemed like they were lacking something. Maybe they were an old batch.


5 Shakespeare Grove, Saint Kilda