Lolo and Wren Experience

Sometimes you look at a venue and think, yeah it looks good but its so far away. Lolo and Wren are out Brunswick West a bit of a travel from Damoforce HQ but it was worth it! On a quite street it is also situated right next to Rudeboy Burger. The venue is nice, clean cut and warming with open view of the kitchen and baristas.

Food Devoured

The Pig Boss


Hot Choc & Coffee


Crispy Croquet Monsieur


Overall great spread


Devouring Report

Hot chocolate was rich and velvety, really hit the spot and loved the marshmallows sprinkled atop. Coffee is spot on at Lolo and Wren, couldn’t fault it! We didn’t realized we ordered to of the same dish just one had a sauce over the top. Never less, we dug into both! The potatoes was great by itself and the smokey sauce was packed full of flavour and balanced out with the aioli, making them enjoyable to eat however.

Getting stuck in the mains, the pig boss. You find yourself in two minds whether if you want to pick it up or use your knife and fork. To be honest we used a blend of both, but no matter how you looked at it the pulled pork was done well. The crackling is a great touch to things and that mayo is quite tasty.

Now the money maker, the crispy croquet monsieur. This thing is unique in its own league. You wont much else after trying and getting you way through this eat. Cheesy is the main aspect but not sickly. What is most impressive about this is the bread and how they have fried it. You just keep wanting more even though you know you shouldn’t.

To sum things up, Lolo and Wren is a great venue with an every expanding menu full of great options. We would go back again, maybe walk to Essendon and back and then dig into next door at Rudeboy haha.


424 Albion Street Brunswick West