The Local Burger Co. Experience

After smashing out a solid gym session, one of the team members decided to take a mate down to one of our locals to a feast to fuel those gains haha. Our local is funnily called The Local Burger Co. They have a solid menu and the Croydon store is neat with the largest range of USA drinks and hot sauces you would come across in a burger venue. With rotation monthly specials and delicious milkshakes, you will always have a solid option.

Food Devoured

 Canadian Poutine & Milkshake

Local Burger Co Milkshake

Triple Cheese Burger W/ Bacon, Pulled pork, Jalapenos, Hollandaise sauce. & Double Cheeseburger W/ Bacon

Local Burger Co Cheeseburger

Devouring Report

The range of milkshakes and sides are great at the local, we settled with a spiced apple cinnamon shake and a vanilla malt (not pictured) both were delicious and love the fact when they come out they still have some of the ice cream chunks through out. The poutine is a monthly special and is a nice sharing size. The gravy is the gravy you want over your fries, that nice thick dark gravy. Not watery or anything. Both items were a great lead in to the main event.

Pink patties were the order and that’s how they came! Juicy pink beef paired with that American cheese melt is the 1st step of a great burger. Zucchini pickles are always a talking point. We are not too fussed on them and if you don’t like them, they are nicely sized so you can just take them out. Maple bacon does defiantly add an different element to things, and it was cooked crispy on the outer with tasty bacon love in the middle. We rave about this pulled pork, big fans! So saucy and flavoursome, not dry. Just melts in your mouth and be careful if you don’t clean your hands you will be smelling it all day long hahah.

Great overall feast, over the times they have been a little up and down. But our last 2 visits have really hit the spot.


114 Bayswater Road, Croydon South.