St Kilda La Roche

La Roche St Kilda Experience

It’s always a good time going to La Roche in St Kilda. We have been there a few times now. They are located on the busy Acland Street, boasting a menu full of beers, food a plenty and a specials list to rival any other Melbourne restaurants. Just a stone through away from the beach, it makes summer time great to hang out with friends whilst enjoying a beer and favourite Melbourne food.

Food Devoured


La Roche Nacho's

Modified Beef Burger

St Kilda La Roche

Parma Chips And Salad

La Rocha Parma

Devouring Report

We started off with some nacho’s to get into the mood of things!! A huge and plentiful serving of crunchy and cheesy chips. It’s great the additions are on the side so you can pick and choose what and how you want to eat your food in Melbourne.
We decided to take the burger next level shiz by chucking in some chicken schnitzel. Cheese is not ur usual but the flavour is right there and melted perfectly. The beef is a little herbed but has a good beef flavour and provides the based for a great melbourne burger. Bacon cooked cripsy as, so that it left in your own court if that is your thing or not. Maybe would be better if less with the schitzel but on it’s own, perfect. And if you know their chicken parma’s, the chicken is great everytime!!
Like we just mentioned, the parmas are great here. Always huge in side and great value. You can pick these up cheap as chips on their 2 special parma nights. With a range of toppings they make a great options to choose with all the ingredients being fresh and tasty and the chicken cooked on point.


 185 Acland St, St Kilda VIC 3182

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