Hello Sam Experience

It has been awhile since we visited Hello Sam Burger café. Our last visited produced a quality burger that put Melbourne on the international map, winning Eatfamous’s burger battle. Fast forward sometime, the guys have trialed a few bits and bobs and now have released a new menu with some new additions. Fried chicken is the main one, along with a juicy lucy beef patty, loaded fries and milkshakes. A great summer venue, but also plenty of room inside for some feasting on some great Melbourne burgers.

Food Devoured

Double Uncle Sam W/ Bacon

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Double Uncle Sam W/Bacon, Fried Chicken, Cheese Melt.

Hello sam modifed sam

Animal Fries

Hello Sam Animal Fries

Devouring Report

Where to start with this amazing spread. We started off with some animal fries and onion rings too!! Those onion rings are addicted and very well done, its even more of a bonus they throw some on the burger haha. Animal fries are a new addition to the menu. A good one at that. The fries are seasoned great and everything packed on was just the right amount, the only down was the onion got a little bit too much towards the end.

Burgers, burgers, burgers. That what we can for and we didn’t leave unsatisfied. All the beef was cooked medium to well with the beef juicy as, and they even sneaked in a juicy lucy patty to the triple making it a pleasant surprise. The cheese isn’t over powering in the patty just the right amount and still cooked well. The new fried chicken is a large step from the snitty they had last time. Nice crispy coating a true winner. Overall everything came together well and was washed down with some nice Turkish delight shakes too! They nailed the taste and wasn’t overly sweet or sicken.


760 Chapel Street, South Yarra