Ginger Jones Diner Experience

Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t your traditional diner set up. The venue is a nice modern clean cut décor with some on street seating for people to enjoy the rays. They have a solid breakfast menu, and make some quality coffee and hot chocolate. If soy is your thing, its a must try! Some nice options to go with for lunch and dinners, but the weekly special is was what caught our eye!

Food Devoured

The specials burger didn’t have name, and we tweaked it a little. So we will call it…

The Dandy Jones

Double 175g Beef, Double swiss cheese, Double cheddar cheese, Pulled pork, Smoked Bacon, Jalapenos, Onion rings, Chilli coleslaw on a pretzel bun.

Ginger Burger clean4

Ginger Burger clean1

Ginger Burger grip2

Kale Slaw + Added Pull Pork

Shredded kale, Roasted corn, Julienne carrots, Red Onion, Mayo herb dressing

Ginger Jones Salad

Devouring Report

This burger came out as a monster, was not quite expecting it this big! After a quick squish, it got all the juices flowing from the pulled pork that was tender and had that nice subtle smoky flavour coming through. Talking of smoky, the bacon was done well! Not your usual bacon, it has been smoked in house along with all their smoking’s. To the beef, 175g is a nice hearty sized patty. Something this is size is usually hard to cook, can be raw or overcooked, but chef had nailed it! Pink was the order of the day, all the way through! Loved the chilli slaw, added a nice fresh punch to the burger and the sauce was dripping everywhere! Onion rings did get lost a little bit, they were tasty but the slaw would add the crunch you’d want. The pretzel bun was a different experience, and approved!! It did not break or crumble and provided a different element to your regular brioche. A solid eat and meat to win you over! 9/10

The Salad was fresh and zinging, a plentiful plate of taste!! The pulled pork was nice and juicy and full of flavour. Definite worth adding over a poach or grilled chicken. If you think kale isn’t your thing, think again! You can hardly taste it and the mayo was slightly tangy but tied it all together and was enjoyed.


175 Lonsdale Street Dandenong