Boss Burger Co.
boss burger co 4

Boss Burger Co. Experience We took the good ol drive all the way down the highway to re visit a favourite of ours Boss Burger Co. First time we were blown away from the quality these guys are pumping out!! So back we went for round 2 with a few other burger and food lovers!! We […]

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Three Monkeys Place
Three Monkys Place 2

Three Monkeys Experience We were invited down to check out a local near us in Three Monkeys Place situated in Doncaster. Don’t be fooled from their small shop front, it stretches back to a great courtyard undercover. From a great fresh menu and venue, put this on your list for the best café in Doncaster! As you will see […]

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Dribbles Burgers

Dribbles Burgers Experience Improving your game is the aim! Each time we have gone out to Dribbles Burgers they have continued to lift their game. From the first time we always had loved their fried chicken. The coating is amazing and the flavours come from it are amazing. The venue itself is a NBA fans dream. […]

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Blue Marlin Fish And Chips
Blue Marlin 1

Blue Marlin Fish And Chips Experience Over a weekend we were treated to experience at Blue Marlin Fish And Chips thanks to ol mate Chompamatic. We were also joined by a few other burger lovers in Burgers Of Melbourne, Waynes Burgers & Fitness Cheat Meals (Mr Meals). After the long drive we found our way to […]

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Royal Stacks Collection

Royal Stacks Experiences Over time we have been to Royal Stacks a few times now. All the stores are great, Brunswick is the most chilled & Chaddy is handy to get a fix while shopping. You are not sure on choice which you soon will see. Start your meal off with a tasty a thick shake, […]

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CH James Cafe

CH James Café Experience We were treated to a morning of great brunch and company at the beautiful CH James Café in Fairfield. On the busy strip of shops, this venue stands out with their great venue and outside courtyard. The food is just as great as well with plenty of brunch options and a solid […]

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Twisted Sista Cafe

Twisted Sista Café Experience The Monstashake craze isn’t going anywhere neither are burgers. So what better way then to have both?! We went down to Twisted Sista Café. There are 3 locations, but we popped into Northland for some good food and drink. Along with their food and drink, you cannot miss their gelato that is showcased […]

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MJ Burger Bar
MJ Burger Bar Burger

MJ Burger Bar Experience When one wants to have a feast in The Glen, one must go to Mocha Jo’s Burger Bar. After updating their menu, they now have a huge range of quality products. If burgers are your thing – they have it! If you feel like a change with hotdogs – well they have […]

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Tonto Cafe

Tonto Café Experience We have been driving along Canterbury road for many years and with family near by we dropped into the recently opened Tonto Café in Canterbury. Your greeted with an amazing art work on the side of the building and a fresh modern café. A great menu for your morning brunch and they have one of […]

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Cool Bean Kitchen
Cool Bean Kitchen Waffle

Cool Bean Kitchen Experience It has been a few times now Damoforce has been to Cool Bean Kitchen. If you have not heard about this place, well where have you been? From a café that just done burger, not open weekends or evening – now to opening evenings and weekends. Pumping a solid Melbourne burger […]

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