Dex2rose Experience

After some burgers in the CBD we went over to check out the recently hyped venue in dex2rose. On little Bourke street it can be a little hard to find, but when you do o boy your glad you did. Unlike some dessert bars, there is some nice lighting and seating inside and some cool things happening behind the counter. Nice combos to choose from leaving you staggering out in a food coma haha.

Food Devoured

Charcoal waffles, with cappuccino ice cream, assortments and a dark chocolate ganache.

b32dd53a-43bc-4e4f-9c65-5dc209a14e6d_zps0nwsad42A little closer


Not your granny apple pie

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Bee-ch better have my honey


Devouring Report

The waffles looked so pretty, they do an amazing job on presentation. The waffles were unique and tasty. The balance and choices you have with the waffles make them an enjoyable eat and defiantly worth going back again an again as you can always get a different combo.

Liquid nitrogen isn’t just cool to watch but also makes some boss gelato! The not your granny apple pie was fresh and delicious with the warm apple parts adding a different element to the eating experience. And the addition of a waffle to this makes it fun as you can just turn in upside down and have it both ways.

The way one of the team members described the Bee-ch was “this is the best ice cream/gelato I have had”. The infusion of lavender to the honey gelato make it defiantly unique, and it was done in a way that it isn’t over powering or nasty. With the chocolate coating on the outer, its like having the best choc top from the movies in your life!!

Overall, this is a must to finish your evening off with!!


377-379 Little Bourke St, Melbourne CBD