Cool Bean Kitchen Waffle

Cool Bean Kitchen Experience

It has been a few times now Damoforce has been to Cool Bean Kitchen. If you have not heard about this place, well where have you been? From a café that just done burger, not open weekends or evening – now to opening evenings and weekends. Pumping a solid Melbourne burger menu that rivals as the best burgers in Melbourne and many creative ideas keeping them fresh.

This is a collaboration of the burgers we have had at Cool Bean Kitchen

Food Devoured

Waffle Burger

Cool Bean Kitchen Waffle

Beef and Chicken

Cool Bean Kitchen burger

Mac n cheese


Devouring Report

We can go on and on about every burger but we will keep it simple. It’s great! But really, the beef is good quality. Majority of their produced are sourced locally and it shows. The buns are fresh, the waffles were not over powering in the waffle burger. We have has sweeter brioches before. Beef is always cooked well but always juicy. Their coating on the fried chicken, chicken wings are amazing and so succulent on the inside. Bacon is always cooked on point, sometimes we do wish for my eye. The mac n cheese patties one of the better ones going around Melbourne’s burger scene at the moment!

Sides like deep fried mozzarella sticks, loaded tator tots and of course their gorilla shakes makes Cool Bean Kitchen one of the best Melbourne burger venues around!!


614 South Rd Moorabbin VIC

Cool Bean Kitchen Web Page