Café 51 Experience


Down in South Melbourne come a small café that pumps out some unbelievable eats!! The venue is always pumping and is value for money!! Make sure you are ready for a wait and to hustle to find a seat but after you finish you will realize it is all worth it.

Feeling a little adventurous, we decided to make our own instaburger. With so many options you can never go wrong and the guy always welcome your creations.

Food Devoured

The Force

Double juicy lucy patties, Double CFK, Quad cheese, Triple bacon, Jalapeños, Potato cake, Mustard, Bacon wrapped deep fried Nutella donut. $25 of the finest! !



Devouring Report

What a fine day, when this baby came out it caught everyone’s eyes!! Bacon wrapped Nutella donut to top it all off!! The juicy lucy patties are so meaty and full of juice and cheese oozing out of them, i dont know why everyone doesn’t do these because its amazing!! The chicken is quality, the coating is perfectly seasoned and inside hides tender goodness. Cheese everywhere the eye can see and is melted nicely. Baconz cooked to the way i like it with having shades of that perfect crisp!! I did asked the guys if they could deep fry me a donut and they came back with wrapping it in bacon, why not i said, who am I to argue with bacon. That cripsy crunchy bacon leading into warm Nutella is amazing and whatever happened to the donut it was amazing.
Everytime we go back, the guys keep bringing it. They pump out so much volume but never sacrifice quality. The ingredients are suburb no matter what you order. 9.7/10


51 Buckhurst Street, South Melbourne