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Blue Marlin Fish And Chips Experience

Over a weekend we were treated to experience at Blue Marlin Fish And Chips thanks to ol mate Chompamatic. We were also joined by a few other burger lovers in Burgers Of Melbourne, Waynes Burgers & Fitness Cheat Meals (Mr Meals). After the long drive we found our way to Blue Marlin Fish And Chips, a neat looking fish n chip shop serving out a solid range of fresh seafood and of course epic burgers!!

Food Devoured


Triple Beef

Double Beef and Pineapple Fritter

Custom Job

Waffle Fries

Devouring Report

 WOW! What a spread that was put on for the crew. Let’s start light, even though the salad seemed a little our of place haha. It actually was well needed and tasted great and was agreed amounst everyone. Waffle fries at a fish n chip shop? Yeah I know but it is a great change up from the stock standard you would usually get.
All the sides that we go were tasty. Starting with the prawn cutlets that were ordered by Wayne, the prawn was lightly coated and the actual prawn was fresh. Potato cakes are a big selling point at a fish and chip shop, and these we perfectly sized and cooked! Couldn’t fault the hotdog in batter or the seafood sticks. Waffles fries and the potato cakes were our winner for sure!
Moving onto our burger, we played around a little bit with them. But lets break this down! Beef – was fresh, cooked well but still very juicy. Not your average fish and chip shop beef, this is the real deal!! Chicken was a little dry for some, I found mine not too bad. The coating is really nice, I feel the issue may of been they flattened the chicken out a little too much. As you can see, cheese melt oooonnn point!! Bacon was cooked well, will need to hit that up double next time for sure!!
Overall, if you were to drive out there for this or just were lucky enough to have it as your local. You’d be very happy!! They are a great team behind the counter and are always striving for great things. Great day even better feed, I think we found the best burgers in Caroline springs!!


Shop 11, 13/15 Lake Street Caroline Springs

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