Eat Gorilla Grill Burger

Best Burgers Melbourne 2nd Quarter 2017

Melbourne has many great eats and finding the Best Burgers in Melbourne is always fun!! We are now into July now and into the 2nd half of the year! There is still plenty more time to gather some more of the best burgers in Melbourne. We did the 1st quarter and now it’s time for the 2nd quarter list of Melbournes best burgers of where we have been and what has impressed us! Enjoy, let us know any feedback of places to try.

Gorilla Grill

This is the result when you walk into @eatgorillagrill and they say, let’s go a little off the menu. So we ordered the king kong but added their chicken waffle sandwich smack bang in the middle and topped with liquid cheese. Their fried chicken is boss as!! The beef cooked well but the quality is mighty fine. The flavours of sauces are great as well.

Eat Gorilla Grill Burger

Sonny’s Fried Chicken & Burgers

Dropped by @sonnysfriedchickenandburgers to have a look at what the fuss had been and get our hands on this double cheesy and some fried chicken. The cheeseburger was surprisingly great! The beef was juicy and the combo between their sauces raw onion and pickles made it a boss eat!! Inside we didn’t expect much but blown away with the quality of everything in this burger!

Sonny's Fried Chicken & Burgers

The Famished Wolf

Last time we went to The Famished Wolf it was solid but a few adjustments had to be made. This time they had been done! Bun sliced perfect and was soft. Beef seasoned nicely and cooked juicy. As you can see the sauce and cheese were on point!! The burger had a high flavour impact!! Load it up for the full famished experience!

The Famished Wolf Burgers Melbourne

Monroes Burgers

Out in the hills, just past all the winery’s comes @monroesburgers. We stopped in there for a feed. The menu is solid and so is the food!! This was a double all-American with added dorrito fried chicken. The prime valley beef is a star!! Perfectly pink, they grind it fresh daily! The bun is soft, but still get a toasty crunch as you bite through. Their sauces are quality and the relish some of the best!!

Monroes Burgers

Hello Harry

We took a trip out east to @helloharry.lilydale There are not many quality burger joints out that way. A lot of cafes though. The beef was fresh and cooked with some pink! As you can see the bacon cooked to a tee, loved their house made sauces and those pickles!? With beer and cider on tap, it’s one to add and mark off your list ?

Hello Harry Lilydale Best Burgers In Melbourne

Grand Trailer Park

It had been a while since visits, but one was well needed!! As usual, @grandtrailerpark brought their A game to the table. Even being under the pump on the night, the beef was perfect, cheese melted to the tee and overall was a solid burger with some cheeky cheese sauce added for fun!

Grand Trailer Park Burger Melbourne

Franks Melbourne

We ventured to @franksmelbourne, tucked away in Cheltenham this cafe has some size about it! Coffee was good and this double cheesy was surprisingly very good! Beef juicy and the cheese melted perfectly. The sauce was very tasty and the buns soft. Though if you’re a seasoned burger eater, order 2.

Franks Melbourne Burgers

Two Patties

The perfect handful and snack! A double smash pattie burger with pulled pork and jalapenos from @twopatties. Smash patties were juicy and a little crisp around the outer. Pulled pork juicy and the bun ever so soft!! Solid burger.

Two Patties

The Grill

for National Hamburger Day we created a burger special for the grill at Dandenong market – The Freak Force. Quad beef cheese & bacon, pickles, grilled pineapple, bbq sauce & aioli. This was a tasty burger when the team was under the pump! The beef was cooked well and tasty and the bacon steaming off the grill full of meaty flavour! Definitely a good option when getting your market goods.