Beer Deluxe Experience

Over the long weekend, we took the opportunity to head into Fed square to check our Beer Deluxe. That’s exactly what it is! Beer lovers rejoice, ample offering of all types of beers, ciders and even some nice whisky. The food menu is also solid to cover everyone’s needs from just a snack or a full meal. The venue vibe is great with an outdoor bar and indoor area, there is even a café of the side for those passing by early morning.

Food Devoured

Paddle Board Of Beer & Cider


BBQ Corn & 3 Cheese pizza with Prawns


The Lot Burger


Custom Burger


Devouring Report

As a whole, everyone was well done. From the hand cut wedges that we got (not pictured). The burgers were good, the meat could be a little better in quality but the chicken and bacon made up for it. Definitely go with the crumbed chicken with beef combo. Both pizzas were devoured and cheese lovers would love the 3 cheese pizza, very cheesy. We recommend adding a meat to make it go pop. From large plates to small, all accompany the many fine drink options you can dabble in. Definitely worth dropping in over good beer week to have a look.


Fed Square Melbourne