Aura Cafe Experience

Aura Café has dropped a new menu recently but kept there traditional favourites that the locals have come accustomed to. It has a very solid breakfast menu with some interesting eats which can be accompanied by a quality coffee. Only a small lunch menu but it packs a nice punch with the pork burger, BLATzel and Mexi parma some of the tempting options. They are also licensed and the venue is nicely sized and offers function hire. They also source fresh grown produced which really shines though their dishes.

Food Devoured

Corn Fritters

Aura Corn

Altered Pull Pork Burger

Aura Burger

Devouring Report

The corn fritters were done well, the fritter was a solid structure and the sweet corn really popped. Bacon was cooked perfectly atop the fritters. Avo smash was yum to put it simple, fresh and creamy. and the poached egg just topped it all off along with quality presentation.

Pulled pork didn’t seem quite enough on its own, so some extras were in store. Looking through we got recommended the glazed ham hock which was delicious. It could be just eaten on its own, was fresh and flavoursome. Chicken snitzel is always a hit or miss as some places bring in over processed meat. This was not that and was very surprised how good it was, perfect coating providing the crunch and juicy breast inside. The cheese was nothing to write home about, just the café standard but the coleslaw was fresh and saucy. Least of all the actual main ingredient, the pulled pork. Well, it was good! Nicely cook and plenty of it and didn’t clash with anything. Overall everything went together nicely, just was missing some jalapenos which they were unstocked of. Would eat again. 8.3/10


200 High Street, Lower Templestowe